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Dress to Workout and Sweat


Wear comfortable clothes in layers, to help you cool down as the class progresses. Recommended clothing is fitness clothes such as yoga pants, sweatpants, shorts and loose T-shirts or fitted workout tops. Make sure to stay fresh by wearing deodorant for everyone’s comfort. Your best option is Zumbawear®! If you would like to purchase Zumbawear®, contact Tricube Dance to place your order. 


Bring inside dance running shoes (change into your shoes in the studio) so we can keep the floors clean. At the Toronto, Woodbridge and Curves locations you can wear workout shoes with NO TREAD, light coloured and no rubber soles.
Markham Location Only: Due to the Studio Shoe Policy, everyone must wear running/fitness shoes with non-marking soles.

You will not be able to participate in any other type of footwear or socks.

Shoe Recommendations

These shoes are highly recommended in order to get the best Zumba® Fitness workout experience. Since classes feature a variety of dance styles with lateral as well as up and down movement, the best shoes to wear are ones with no tread and have a “pivot point” on the sole.

  • Zumbawear® Runners (Get yours for $5 off  with Tricube Dance. Check out styles on www.zumbashop.ca)
  • Nike Musique Series
  • Puma Soleil Shoes
  • Reebok EasyTone Shoes

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